Try to get inside !

Lamoova is a Urban Comedy about Nightlife

An Animation Concept of the Future

It is a very broad concept that goes beyond the web platform. That is to say, a movement that brings together several domains: audio-visual, music, social networks, new technology, telecommunications, internet, fashion, and culture at large…. much more than just animation

Lamoova World is equally a Concept. Lamoova World is looking to a future where its activities will be diversified: TV Show, Web series, Film, Social Networks, Concerts, Games, Comics Book, VR – Virtual Reality, AR – Augmented Reality, Mobile App, Music


I’am proud to be the very first on Lamoova, So let’s go guys, love you.

Jenny Marshall

Voilà c’est fait j’ai donné, la balle est vous (Didier et Alexandre), Big up man.

Darius Wilson

Ce projet m’a l’air bien parti !! 🙂

Tanguy V.

Upcoming Events

We want to know from our community the craziest and most ridiculous reasons and stories for being denied club entry. The funniest, most entertaining anecdotes with the highest votes will be adapted into an animated series episode.