Kauris TV presents Lamoova World

The Lamoova World concept evolves around two bouncers of a mystical club called Lamoova based in the middle of the centre of BX City (which is the New York-enhanced version of Brussels), their mission is to ensure the security and good reputation of the club. Still, only those hand-chosen few they deem worthy to enter make it inside the club. These two can refuse the entry for reasons totally ridiculous and not understandable in our eyes.

The Next Time You Get Inside !

The concept of the Lamoova World is based on 2 bouncers at a mythical nightclub named “Lamoova” located in the centre of BX City (which closely resembles Place de Brouckère (Brussels), Alexanderplatz (Berlin), Timesquare (New york), Piccadilly (London), their mission is to ensure the peace and good reputation of the establishment. Refusing access to just anyone, for it is for them to decide who has the right to enter or not. They may deny entry for totally crazy and incomprehensible reasons.

The Lamoova World is equally an online social network whose goal is to reference all the locations of nightclubs worldwide. It also allows users to publish their night life stories and exchange messages. A forum will be created where real life experiences of being denied entry to a nightclub for a crazy reason can be posted. The stories will then be subject to a vote by Internet users. The funniest and most hilarious, having collected the most votes, will have a chance to be adapted to make an episode.