Lamoova is a mythical club in the centre of BX city. The music is great, the girls are beautiful, the DJ strings together the best tunes. Here, everything is possible till the dusk of dawn, the best dancers set the dance floor on fire. Unfortunately, only some selected few can enter. At the entrance, two bouncers decide who can enter and who can’t – based on reasons that only the two bouncers understand. Those who are rejected are always so due to ridiculous reasons. Whatever the motivation for the refusal may be, the two bouncers are always right. Maybe the next time you stand a better chance to make it inside.

The concept evolves around two bouncers of a mystical club called Lamoova based in the middle of the centre of BX City (which is the New York-enhanced version of Brussels), their mission is to ensure the security and good reputation of the club. Still, only those hand-chosen few they deem worthy to enter make it inside the club. These two can refuse the entry for reasons totally ridiculous and not understandable in our eyes.

Lamoova App is a social network for all nightlife events throughout the world. The social network members can write private messages and share nightlife stories with each other. In the Lamoova forum members can share their stories for having been refused entry into a club for the most ridiculous reasons ever. Members can vote on these stories and the most popular ones will be considered for being used for a web series screenplay. One of the main goals of the app and the website is to gather stories and accounts from all over the world. Our concept is not restricted and open to all partygoers who wish to discover, support and to hear again and again clubbing stories.

Lamoova VR develops and produces virtual reality marketing tools to promote nightlife and more broadly to enhance corporate communication. The platform is member-based, aiming at everybody who wants to go out, surpassing the world of regular club goers. We use the heightened impact of virtual reality to create the ultimate nightlife experience for users and the most effective marketing solutions for all nightlife venues and products. With our corporate communication focus we aim to bring brands and corporate identities – literally – to life.

Danceflood is the offspring of 2 guys with different musical tastes and backgrounds that met at a party in Brussels. After spending some time together, they discovered that they would be very complimentary for each other. Their sensibility forRock, Electro, House , Techno and Disco would quickly become evident and the blends of genres would quickly make the unique sound of Danceflood. It is with Pride that Kauris Entertainment has decided to give them Carte Blanche to create their original soundtrack of Lamoova!